Instructor Supplements

This page provides supplementary material for instructors in various stages of development. As new material is prepared, it will be linked here. Be sure to check the supplementary page for students for extra examples that may be worked in class or used as handouts.

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General Supplements

Unit I

  • Learning Objectives for Unit I (Word format*)(PDF format).(12/9/11)
  • Internal Energy Conceptual Assessment and Collaborative Exercise. We have found that students have misconceptions about kinetic and potential energy that influences their conceptual understanding of internal energy. We have developed a collaborative exercise to address these misconceptions, and an assessment. If you use this tool, we would like use your constructed response data for futher development of automated assessment as part of the ongoing NSF AACR Project. (5/31/17)
    Collaborative Exercise(pdf)
    Assessment Template (pdf) (also available on AIChE concept warehouse, LON-CAPA, or contact Carl Lira for D2L template)
    More About the AACR Project
    More About the Automated Assessment Portal for the AACR Project.

Unit II

Unit III

  • Learning Objectives for Unit III (Word format*)(PDF format).(12/9/11)
  • Learning Objectives for Molecular Simulation online supplement (Word format*)(PDF format). (12/9/11) 
  • Chapter 15, Worksheet for helping to introduce equations of state for mixturs. (This is still written for the first edition). (PDF format)(4/20/05).
  • Chapter 16, color-coded slides to help students see the relation between 3-D and 2-D diagrams - Class handout, Lecture slides.

Unit IV

(* Word format is provided so that instructors can edit the file to their own objectives. IE users- to avoid having the file open in your browser, right-click the link to save the file.)