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08.07 - Implementation of Departure Functions Click here. 20 1

Internal Energy Departure - PR EOS starting from Helmholtz Departure (,9min) This sample derivation supplements what is in the textbook by starting from the Helmholtz departure function. It also includes a few intermediate steps to help clarify how the formal equations in the textbook were developed. Hopefully, seeing this content from slightly different perspectives will make it a little easier to comprehend. See also the derivation for (U-Uig).

Comprehension Questions: Starting from the Helmholtz Departure function and referring to the above results...

1. Derive the internal energy departure function for the "modified vdW" EOS.
2. Derive the entropy departure function for the "modified vdW" EOS. (Hint: A=U-TS)
3. Derive the internal energy departure function for the "Scott+TPT" EOS.

09.06 - Fugacity Criteria for Phase Equilibria Click here. 20 1

When liquid is added to an evacuated tank of fixed volume, equilibrium is established between the vapor and liquid. (3min, The fugacity criterion characterizes this equilibrium as occurring when the escaping tendency from each phase is equal.