Software Download

The software distribution was updated 12/18/14.

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The programs are provided in a single windows .zip file. It is recommended that you remove them from the zip file before using them. The zip file can be maintained as a backup. In Windows, open the archive with Windows Explorer, and then drag or copy/paste them into the folder of your choice. If your computer has another zip utility installed that you are not comfortable using, after saving the file to your computer, you can probably find the Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the zip file and using 'Open With...'.

Some of the code is developed for MATLAB. If you would like to run the code on a free compatible platform, please try Octave ( or SciLab ( If some of our code does not run in one of these platforms, please use the site contact form to let us know.

The software is distributed on the 'chethermo' account on, click here.