Virtual Tour of the MSU Power Plant

Michigan State University has a cogeneration plant that generates electrical power and steam for the university.

aerial view of power plant

Aerial View of the T.B. Simon Power Plant.

MSU runs five boilers and six turbines. The overall process schematic shows the flow schemes but it is difficult to see a much stream detail on the overall schematic. The legend is reproduced here:

  • thick red lines --850-870 psig steam.
  • thin red lines -- 185 psig where labeled, 90psig (unlabeled), 15 psig(labeled) steam lines.
  • solid green lines -- make-up water lines.
  • dashed green lines -- condensate lines.
  • Dashed blue lines -- boiler feedwater at 350F, 1600 psig.
  • dash-dot blue lines -- desuperheater water.

The image is linked to a pdf that can be zoomed. Click to load the pdf file.

Overall Powerplant

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