Process Equipment

Steam Traps

Spirax tutorial on how mechanical steam traps work.

History of the Steam Engine

Visit this site for an overview of the history of how steam was first used for mechanical work.

Steam and Gas Turbines, Axial and Reciprocating Compressors

GE has a great site to browse for equipment. The site is updated frequently, which makes my links go out of date. Please send an e-mail if the links are broken. Note: all the links on this page open in a new window. Simply close the new window to return to this page.

GE Power. Some pages linked from above of special interest:

steam turbines
gas turbines


Ingersoll-Rand is a leading manufacturer of compressors. Dresser-Rand makes both axial and reciprocating compressors.

axial compressors watch a video to see axial compressors from Ingersoll-Rand
axial and reciprocating compressors from Dresser-Rand

Jet Engines - How Jet Engines work (Pratt and Whitney Canada)

Index of engines

F100 engine used for the F-15 and F-16 U.S. military aircraft.

An example engine used on the Boeing 777.


An interactive introduction to nozzle flow:

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