12.01 - The van der Waals Perspective for Mixtures

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Mixing Rules (7:23) (msu.edu)

How should energy depend on composition? Should it be linear or non-linear? What does the van der Waals approach tell us about composition dependence? This screencasts shows that the mixing rule for 'a' in a random mixture should be quadratic. A linear mixing rule is usually used for the van der Waals size parameter.

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Configurational Energy and Quadratic Mixing Rules (uakron, 15min) van der Waals mixing rules can also be derived by counting the molecular energies, like we did in Section 1.2 and referring to the configurational energy departure function from Chapter 7. This approach lays the foundation for non-quadratic mixtures too, as discussed in Section 13.7. In this way, the concepts of Chapter 1 are connected to the model equations applied throughout the text.

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