10.11 The Ideal Solution Approximation and Raoult's Law


10.9 - 10.12 Mixture Properties Overview (6:53) (msu.edu)

Why does Raoult's law work sometimes? Why does it fail sometimes? How can we hope to understand why it fails?

This section of the text is thick with lots of equations. It may help to filter out the most important equations and results so that you have the perspective of the overall objectives of this section. There are a lot of equations in this section to show that Raoult's law is a equlity of an ideal gas component fugacity with an ideal solution liquid fugacity! By understanding the assumptions used in the development of the equation, we can begin to understand the limitations of Raoult's law. This screencast goes on to preview the methods developed in the next sections of the textbook to deal with deviations in fugacities from ideal solutions and the ideal gas law.

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